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Welcome to Harrishillext, a site dedicate to trail development within Chautauqua County and the Western NY & NorthWest PA Region. HHE now has over 18+ miles of singletrack and a skills loop just off the parking area.   Whether you ride, hike, run or ski, consider bookmarking or joining this site to stay informed or better yet, to get involved. Remember HHE has been totally developed by volunteer work, respect the trails, other users, and wildlife.      tw

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2/22/2021 Sorry for the lapse in an update.. however.. HHE has been back in business all open..  and we have had over 5 weeks of sweet groomed winter riding.  join mtber's of harris hill ext on facebook, that's where most of the updates happen..  I'll try to keep this updated a bit more..

3/29/2020 feels like Spring out there... so, logging will continue once it dries, but I am guessing not till later April...  you can park on the right side of the parking lot, ride in on access road and ride No Dab and get back into Myrtle, gut, Lung, wiley...  as of this writing goatboy, bedlam and lower rib tickler has not been opened up ( leafblow or blowdown cleared)    and until further notice Humpty , and ttp's route stay closed until logging is complete...

1/14/2020 the majority of the harvest is complete on No Dab, Goatboy and Rib Tickler... however, we expect the loggers will be back in the Humpty dumpty section this Winter,, if it ever stays frozen.... until you hear otherwise, please don't ride closed trails, you will only get frustrated.. Hopefully by April, we will be given the all clear and we can have workdays to help reopen and rehab the trails... 

Until then, you can still ride Flos frolic, as well as the others off the gas well road, lungbuster, wily nily, myrtle's romp, the gut, bedlam and funkytown...

6/12/19  Ok, so I've been busy sorry for not updating... Until further Notice several of the tails at HHE are closed due to logging...  so,  look at the map... parking at the HHE lot is restricted if you park there, only park on the right side, the side not near the barrier or porta john..  the access road, too tall trail, romper room, No dab, rib tickler, Humpty dumpty ,torry's trail, and goatboy are all closed.  we want the harvesters in and out as quick as they can... if we stay out of their way, they can be out of there quick... portions of the overland will also be closed...   flo's frolic across the street is open, but we are working on it, so it might be a bit messy..

On the above map you can see that you can park at the Overland trail parking lot,, or on the gas well road that puts you at top of Lungbuster...    from there you can ride lung, myrtle's romp, the gut, bedlam, funkytown and wily nily...  if you ride it all you will earn something to drink from your local establishment..

1/23/19 Mother Nature keeps tossing us curve balls.   dump over 11 inches of snow in single degree temps, very little moisture for the snow to pack... then she pours almost a half inch of rain in 42 degree temps.. now swinging the other way.. we have about 5 miles of groomed single track, hope to get it up closer to 7-8    check on facebook for current conditions.  or email me direct.. twrighthere@gmail.com  and I will let you know how things are... 

12/2/18  So hunting season is still happening for another few weeks,   consider riding Long Point State Park during the day... if you need to go out to HHE during the day, wear Orange and be safe... riding after dark is always a possibility... be prepared, and let folks know when you expect to return...  

   I will be grooming the singletrack for fatbikes ( and yes cross country skis and snowshoes are welcome as well)   no matter what you are using, if you are creating ruts or postholeing  with your boots, turn around and go home.  groomed singletrack  really ought to have at least 3.8 tires and air them on down a bit.... if the track gets rock hard. I'll post up on facebook and invite everyone and their mother out on those silly skinny tires.

.. a lot of time and effort goes into grooming.  we hope to get Flo's Frolic, No Dab, Rib Tickler, Humpty Dumpty, a fair portion of Myrtle's Romp and some of Too Tall's Trail along with running the East Overland portion up to the other parking area... if that works out... we will have just about 10 miles of groomed trail for your riding pleasure.... like this  by doing this

10/8/18 Updates...two of the most dedicated trail volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the Summer to bring Flo's Frolic into being.  You can pick up this 2 mile loop directly across the road from  HHE's parking area. Ride it clockwise or counter or both... It's a great warm up while waiting for those late comers, and it is perfect for the novice rider or those you are trying to introduce to the sport.  It will be one of the the 3 or 4 we plan to groom this Winter for fatbiking, xski and snowshoes.

Other news... the DEC is conducting a Beech reduction, so you might bump into workers hacking and spraying the cuts of the obnoxious Beech trees that have taken over.   At some point, HHE will have a harvest of the Ash and other hardwoods,  while this is taking place we hope to keep access to the trails further out.... More on this when we know more...  but the good news is that once done.  We will have more materials and a larger canvas for spice and dirt features and won't need to worry about another harvest for maybe 20 years.

Continue to support those who support the trails.. WNYMBA. the club that creates and maintains most of the trails in WNY.  NAMBA, the Warren, PA based club that bring you Jakes Rocks, and soon a reroute and enhancements to Morrison's Run. Loud Performance, who not only keeps growing as major cog in the mountain biking scene, but helps support the Harris Hill Hustle, and the trails at Long Point state Park, and HHE. Hollyloft Ski and BIke , Warren Cycle Shop, as well as Campus Wheelworks, BIke and Bean in Eville, Just Riding Along in Bradford,PA , Tom's Pro Bike and Willo at Growlerbikes.

Night riding season is upon us, make sure that your have your lights charged, let folks know where you are going, and when you think you will be back. Be sure you know where you are going.have a map or GPS... night group rides are a blast.   buy your lights at one of the shops above, rather than the internet.. keep your LBS in business..
 Toss up ride info on Mtber's of Harris Hill on Facebook if you want company. Most group rides get set up through there.

One last thing... HHH5 was fantastic, almost.. almost 100 racers plus another 40 people, Loud Performance, Campus Wheelworks,  Jamestown Skate Products, 42 North and Bent Run breweries and a wonderful collection of supportive folk made the day great....    If you didn't get a flip and sip HHH5 rehydration apparatus, I still have some $8...   

Have a great Fall, ... Fatbike season is coming soon. 

7/22/18 Hope you have been out on the trails folks. They have been in great shape. Funkytown is back on line, will be working on getting more sinage up.  but you can always download a map here.

HHH5 is happening Sunday August 19th.... going to be a great day for racing and eating... please register early... that way my wife and I can make sure that the after race party is as good as it can be.... we are also doing a tarp sale to help fund the feast as well as allow folks to get great prices on some used but still useable parts and accessories... if you have anything laying around you want to donate.. let me know or bring it the day of the race.

register here  

4/24/18 sorry no updates over the Winter, but we had about 6 miles of our trails groomed for fatbiking with the help of the snowdog, and at times some snowshoe folks. Cross country skiers (the more adventurous kind) also enjoyed them... Now the snow is gone, the trails are back to dirt, get out and ride.

10/25/17 Fall riding conditions are upon us... watch out for some stick and branch litter.  toss me an email if you come across a big blowdown.. twrighthere@gmail.com..

We are having a leaf blowing crew happen on the 26th...  so those trails ought to be pretty clear until the snow starts falling...  Remember it's bow season as well as small game. please be considerate of others.... wear orange or other bright colors..   when deer season comes around late November we will be urging folks to stay away from HHE for the first 2 weeks, give the hunters their time  in the woods.

8/11/17 We are getting close to the 4th Hustle on Sunday August 20th... it should be a great time.. be sure to get registered.... so we can plan food for the after race party...

get registered here     

if you don't race, but want to come out, please consider purchasing some raffle basket tickets or donating to help offset the costs of your appetite.

81/17 Funkytown is continuing to be built, this will be  along the same side of the ravine as Bedlam and should bring in another 2+ miles to the system.  It is hoped to bring some grins and squeals from those looking for  more of that elusive flow,   will have to wait and see I guess.   if you are interested in helping out... contact Thom at twrighthere@gmail.com....   Beginning to get ready for the Hustle, so don't look for Funkytown to be ready until early September... 

5/1/17 We just had a fantastic trail work day yesterday, thanks to WNYMBA and the 29 volunteers who came out to do general maintenance work on Humpty, Rib, No Dab, Goatboy and Myrtle.  If you missed it, you missed some great Lasagna for post work, pre ride.

Work is starting on the new loop Funkytown,  once completed HHE ought to have just shy of 15 miles of singletrack.

Remember, after a soaking rain, give the trails 24 hours to recover, it's an all volunteer effort, and the more attention we have to give to rutted up wet areas, means less time cutting new trail.

4/17/17 HHE has been leaf blown and the blow downs are taken care of, parts of No Dab, Rib and Humpty take the longest to dry,, and it's still early in the Spring, but don't let that stop you from riding...  Just please after a day long drenching rain, let them recover for 24 hours... all the work at HHE is from Volunteers. we are having a trail day April 30.. 10am start time. lunch provided if you are interested.  

We hope to put in another new loop, across the stream next to Bedlam... it ought to be close to the 2 mile mark... will keep posting updates here.

Also the 4th Harris Hill Hustle mountain bike race is set for August 20th...  mark it down, it should not be missed. 

3/8/17  HHE had some blowdowns from the wind we have had... we will get it cleared away, but if you happen to be out hiking or riding. you are always welcome to move what you can out of the way.  Many of our riders ride this time of year with a small saw,  take care of what you can, but leave the large stuff to us...

over the next several days the temps will be below freezing so no worries about the tread,  go have fun..

2/5/17   HHE's No Dab, Rib Tickler and Humpty have been groomed are were in prime condition today.... with the coming thaw, suggesting no riding till at least Thursday,  speaking of grooming  the SnowDog has been the answer to our prayers for grooming HHE's tight single track, 


1/5/17  Ok, HHE getting socked with a pile of snow, then 55 degrees and an inch of rain, then another 10 inches of snow..  then another melt.  Good news is that it's great snowshoeing and cross country skiing.. and with a bit of work and determination, there will be some nice fatbike riding happening very soon.   Due to the 45nrth grant and the great support from all the usual and not so often riders at HHE, we have a SnowDog now to groom the trails.

11/21/16  Deer Season is happening folks, I would strongly encourage you all to find another place to ride during the day... The DEC forest is pushed hard the first few weeks.  Go to Longpoint, also PA doesn't have hunting on Sundays. Give the Hunters their time in the woods to enjoy their sport...tw

9/6/16  Trails in excellent condition, race loop is marked with orange arrows, a bit more 
spice sprinkled about HHE, head on out and enjoy,, remember, the third Harris Hill Hustle is Sunday September 18,   come race, or come for the food (for a donation)... help us keep HHE growing... close to 15 miles of singletrack now with another 5 planned.tw

7/30/16  HHE has a new loop, Bedlam, just off the bottom of The Gut... it's still in it's explorable condition, there will be tweaks and spice added throughout the month of August, ride the loop either way and there is a short connector so you can have fun either way... a few recent quotes " the most work you will do going downhill",  "I had more fun getting hit by a car in NYC"... "Bedlam is the mean older brother to Goatboy"...

Don't forget the third Harris Hill Hustle will be happening on Sunday Sept 18th... course is different, but the food and expected fun level will be right up there again.

We might sneak in another new line or two, depends how much help we get along the way. If you are up to helping out creating trail or helping to keep the 13 plus miles free of nasty thorny vegetation, email. twrighthere@gmail.com

6/9/16  HHE has been in it's prime since April. We are currently beginning to beat back some of the weeds, (usually twice each Summer).  The DEC came through with placing a port a john at the parking area again. We continue to work on Bedlam with the projected opening of this new trail sometime around the first week of July.  Bedlam will add another 2 miles to the current 13ish...  Some repairs will be made on Goatboy, and work will continue to get the Skills loop just off the parking lot some more features.   If you are interested in helping out .. email twrighthere@gmail.com.   

The third annual Harris Hill Hustle is scheduled for Sunday Sept. 18th... start praying for nice weather.

4/3/16  HHE was sweet the last two weeks, now with this weekend's snow and the coming week of rain, just use your head, if you are noticing things are mucky,,, don't continue riding...  We had some dedicated volunteers come out Saturday to help bring Bedlam ( the new 2 mile loop) into being.. it's still a ways off, but it is expected to at least as fun as Goatboy.

3/19/16  HHE is open for riding. we will be doing maintenance on several of the trails, there are a few blow downs and the MZ skirt off of No Dab is a bit too muddy to deal with ,, stay in the open...  there will be a few muck holes.  do us all a favor, ride right through them, don't go around...  a new 2 mile loop Bedlam will be the focus initially this trail work season after we handle the few issues on Goatboy... if you are interested in helping out.  toss me an email twrighthere@gmail.com or get on facebook  mtb'ers harris hill ext.  

2/4/16  HHE has struggled with the grooming operation, mainly due to lack of snow as well as a catastrophic failure of me,  well really of the steering ski of the Ski Doo Alpine.. but don't fret,  the fantastic response to the GoFundMe $5 Nrth initiative allowed over $2000 dollars to be donated to the trail system,  helping offset the cost of the Ski Doo Alpine, a solid work trailer that will be used throughout the year, and throughout the region for trail work and maintenance.  As well as a new backpack leaf blower and chainsaw. 

With this freeze thaw cycles we are seeing, looks like we will need to put the Caution Spring Conditions in effect.. which pretty much means, if not frozen, don't ride... ride early am or a night if below 32 degrees and if things are frozen,  if you are getting mucky,, get off the trails.  Trail cam will be in operation, and you will have the wrath of the bearded one and several agitated bikers to deal with... Respect the volunteer work that has built these trails.

This upcoming trail season will see a WNYMBA work day most likely in April or May.. focusing on the typical Spring maintenance issues as well as carving out Bedlam, which will be a 2 mile(ish) loop climbing up and playing along the top side of the ravine,, once finished it will be accessible from THE GUT ....it will be more demanding on par with Goatboy... If all goes as planned, and we have wonderful trailwork involvement we might get another project under way before the Hustle this year (likely 3rd or 4th week in September again).


12/15 HHE has been experiencing a bit of a snow deficit so far this Winter,  folks are asking, "how are the trails?", " can I ride?".... it's Winter conditions, ride when and if you want, please ride through the puddles not around them..... remember it gets dark by 5pm so be prepared.

10/15  The Second Harris Hill Hustle was a fantastic success.  Over 75 racers, a total of 120 folks coming out for the wonderful food and weather.  Thanks to Singletrack Racing giving back to the trails, I was able to  calm the wife down while planning on the grooming plan for some of HHE's trails this Winter for fatbiking, cross country skiing or snowshoeing.  Our #1 trail volunteer, fellow fatbiker, and fantastic photographer Greg Snow has his pictures here.  If you use them, please give him credit, (and maybe a bag of potato chips)

9/20/15 only a week to go for the Hustle. weather is looking fantastic,, be sure to support HHH sponsors... www.jamestownskateproducts.com   www.hollyloft.com  www.campuswheelworks.com and www.bluelinebicyclerepair.com....  go get registered for the race at www.singletrackracing.com..

9/1/15  Registration is now up on www.singletrackracing.com to get signed up for this year's Hustle. Pop on over to the Hustle page for more information.

8/13/15  This year's Harris Hill Hustle will be on Sunday September 27th.   info can be found at www.singletrackracing.com  Registration page will be up at the end of August. The course has been altered a bit, no more MZ skirt or lungbuster... but we have added the Gut, a bit of Goatboy and most of Ribtickler...  Be sure to register, or come on out for the post race food and raffles.

8/6/15  I am in the process of updating the map..  to include the new loop Willy Nilly that comes off of Lungbuster. as well as the stream side trail  THE GUT which will shuttle you quickly from Myrtle's Romp to Goatboy...

4/26/15... trails are in good shape, we have been working on a short loop off of Lungbuster that will get us over on top of the other ridge.  There will also be the normal attention to some of the maintenance issues from the Winter, blow downs, some soft spots that didn't get addressed last year, as well as tweaking Goatboy and opening up Romper Room... don't forget, if you want to help. email  twrighthere@gmail.com  or better yet hop onto mtber's of harris hill ext. on Facebook.

As of 4/13/15  the trails at Harris HIll Ext are good to ride. Go out and enjoy yourself.

On 4/18/15  we had a WNYMBA sponsored trail day, had over a dozen people out helping build new trail, good food and drink, and got some riding in afterwards...

PLEASE DONATE:  One of the easiest ways for you to support the trails at HHE is to donate your empty bottles and cans to Harris Hill Ext.  Simply bag up your cans and plastic NY 5 cent returnables. and drop them off at SouthSide Redemption Center 1752 Foote Ave. Jamestown, NY.  The funds will go towards tools, materials, signage and fuel for the trail season.

We had the opportunity to host the first ever Harris HIll Hustle on Saturday September 20, 2014.  With the help of Hollyloft Ski and Bike, Singletrackracing.com and several other supporters it was a huge success. Over 65 racers, great food, prizes and some good competition.  This event helped raise almost a $1000 that will be put back into the trails and future events. Keep an eye out for HHH 2 coming in 2015.  Head on over to the photo page for some pics.

HHE continues to grow every year, for 2014 Goatboy, MZ Skirt, Myrtle Return and the upcoming skill loop (aka Romper Room) were the main projects.  Goatboy is a 2 mile loop slipped between No Dab and Rib Tickler and it falls into the more demanding category.  MZ Skirt was a long awaited bypass from No Dabs out and back section, might not have been what some of the racers wanted, but MZ did.  Romper Room should be set to play in by April 2015, its rideable now, but the pump area and skill features will be added as time permits.  The Goal for 2015's trail work is to bring online 3 more miles of which will put us up near 15 miles total.